Planning in Rico


Rico Planning Commission

The Rico Planning Commission meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Rico Town Hall at 2 Commercial Street unless otherwise posted.  The agenda and packet are posted on this website the Friday preceding the meeting.  Public attendance and comments are always welcome. 



Activities that require Rico Planning Commission Approval

Historic Alteration Certificate‚Äč - required when an owner seeks to substantively alter a structure designated as an historic landmark structure.

Fence permits - required when an owner wishes to build a fence in the Historic Commercial District, build a fence that exceeds six feet tall or use fencing materials not permitted in the Rico Land Use Code.

Sign permits - required when the proposed sign is not painted on to or located on the interior side of a window, not a banner or similar display for a special event, or exceeds two (2) square feet.
Activities that require Rico Planning Commission & Rico Board of Trustee's Approval

Special Event Permit - required for all events except events that attract fewer than 50 people or are co-hosted by the Town of Rico

Minor Subdivisions - Minor subdivision permits are required for re-subdivisions, also known as replats or lot line adjustments and subdivisions of three or fewer lots that do not require extensions of Town infrastructure.  

Major Subdivisions - Major subdivision permits are required for any subdivision that has more than three lots or that requires extensions of Town infrastructure. Encroachments on Town property both temporary and fixed - An encroachment permit is required when there is either a temporary or fixed encroachment on to Town property. Special Use Permit - Special use permits are required for any use that is not a use by right in a zone district.


Development in Areas of Environmental Concern - Permits are required to for development on lots affected by wetlands, flood planes, avalanche paths, steep slopes and other geological hazards, wildfire hazards, wildlife habitat and hazards associated with mining. Variances - A variance is required when the applicant wishes to modify a building height, encroach in to setbacks, change yard area, site coverage or maximum floor area or reduce the required off-street parking. Road Right-of-way vacations - Applications for a road right-of-way vacations must be applied for and approved by the Rico Board of Trustees.